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Why Europlan

Europlan offers unrivalled quality and expertise gained from over fifty years experience in the tourism industry.

We at Europlan pride ourselves in our staff’s proffessionalism and reliability. Both have helped us gain the prominent position we hold in the tourism sector in Italy and internationally today.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge in the tourism business and our local presence, we can offer our partners the best products in the desired destinations.

Our aim is to guarantee the best conditions for our customers, business partners and suppliers while working with utmost professionalism.

Why Eurobeds

Our service is specifically aimed at travel agencies and tour operators (B2B).

Always online, always connected, always active – our system has no closing days or hours. We are there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. More than just virtual reality.

Our competent and precise service relies on a network of experienced and skilled professionals to cover the entire territory.

Our internet platform is reliable and versatile. It is tailored to our partners’ needs, helping them reach new goals.

Connection to Eurobeds via IBE and XML and access codes.

Why book online

Clear prices. The best value for money.

Various methods of payment available.

Complete product

The best choice of accommodation in Italy for arts, cultural, nature or wellness holidays.

Convenient and plain search

Convenient and easy to use search tools and filters that improve search results effectively.

Clear and complete information

Elaborate description of services, maps and photos.

Available in a click

No waiting – you receive an immediate, clear and definitive confirmation.

Back office area

Our back office area provides the possibility of making changes, modifications and payments.

Protection and safety

Our password system ensures the confidentiality of products and offers.